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The studio starts bare but with a little help from couches, drapes, rugs, lamps, and more- it can be transformed into any setting. Film/photography shoots, receptions, parties, concerts, movie nights, etc.

Studio A

What's up with this studio?

The Cinderblock Studio is a 6,500 sq ft building with 2,500 of it being an open floor plan of studio and event space. During the average week, it houses Cinderblock Films, a full scale multimedia and production company founded in 2014. The company started as a "music session" project that invited musicians to record and film a few songs in front of a live studio audience(hence the large space). Now, while primarily using the studio for film and photography, they also rent out the 2,500 sq ft studio for other projects, shoots, and events.

Charley Crockett

Monthly Events

See the studio in action while we host monthly events like Cinderblock Sessions, shows, karaoke, movie nights, and more. Schedules fluctuate due to studio rentals so please join the mailing list and follow us on social media.

Music Video Shoot

Film/Photography Shoots

The studio is constantly being used for a variety of creative shoots and projects by the Cinderblock production team and other freelance teams. The wide open floor plan allows for the room to be used for various large and small shoots. 

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