We Shoot Music With Cameras For The Internet

How many people can I have at my event?

There is a max capacity of 150 people. That includes event staff and guests.

How much seating can you provide?

We can provide up to 40 seats compiled of random assortments of couches and chairs. The rest of the space can be "standing room." Depending on event needs some extra fees required with decor and furnishings.

How big is the actual space?

The entire building is approx. 6,500 sq. ft. We currently rent the 2,500 sq. ft. studio which is a big open floor plan that can be modified accordingly. 

In the back of the building there is an additional space to store things as well as a kitchenette.

What are the time frames that I can have my event/shoot?

All rentals can start as early as 7 a.m. and must end before 1 a.m. unless pre-approved.

Can I have alcohol?

We allow alcohol to be present during your event/shoot but it must stay genuinely FREE. That means that you can give it away if the event is free. If you are a ticketed event- you are NOT allowed to give away alcohol because to the Texas Alcohol and Beer Commission, that means you are paying to drink free alcohol. THEIR RULES, NOT OURS. It sucks. We know.

We also allow guests to BYOB if the event is ticketed since they purchased the booze off of the property. 

We allow outside vendors with catering licenses to sell and serve alcohol. They must be pre-approved.

If you event includes alcohol of any degree, an armed guard will be provided at a small extra cost.