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WHAT Are Cinderblock Sessions?

Cinderblock Sessions are stripped down cinematic video and audio recordings of artists playing their original music in unique locations.

Are Cinderblock Sessions Free for artists?

Yes. These sessions are completely free for artist’s, musicians, labels, and public relations. We record these videos as a mutual arrangement between us so that YOU get the content and great recordings and WE get to host your great music on our platforms.


We need a confirmation from the artist/tour management at least (7) days prior to the recording date to ensure the availability of our film and audio team as well as booking our location. Cancellations within that timeframe, without valid reason, will prevent future collaborations between parties.

HOW LONG Do Sessions Typically Take to record?

Depending on complexity of the band’s instrumentation and load in, the shoot should only last 2-3 hours. Most artist's record 1-2 songs and will have a chance to get several takes for the best version of the song. The more takes… the more time.

Is this an acoustic only session?

Our sessions are not completely acoustic, but they are all catered towards our “stripped down” aesthetic, regardless of what genre or how the artist performs during live shows. We prefer to have artists record their songs stripped back, letting the unique environment influence the session. Also, we do not provide an intricate monitoring sound system, so the louder the sound, the harder it will be for the musicians to hear themselves/each other, often resulting in a poorer quality recording.

What are Your input Capabilities?

Due to the nature of stripped down recordings, we prefer to use no more than 10 inputs per session. Some flexibility is accepted but must be discussed prior. 

Where are these sessions located?

Cinderblock is based in Dallas, Texas. Each individual session is shot in a different location that we feel compliments the genre and sound of each specific artist. All locations depend on availability.

How many songs can we record?

We prefer to record no more than 1-2 songs so that we have ample time to record the best possible version of the song and video.

Is there an interview portion?

When timing opportunities arise, we like to sit down with the artist and ask them some filmed questions about life, history, music, and their futures.

What should the artist wear?

Wear whatever is within the brands look. We just ask that you don’t wear printed brand tee’s, other bands merchandise (it gets confusing for viewers, and overwhelming patterns (stripes, tiny dots, etc).

Does it matter what song we play?

We only record original songs that you have the rights to record. Other than that, it is entirely up to you. You know what your hits are, your upcoming releases, and the songs to strip down for the best recording.

Do you provide any backline?

We do not provide any specific backlining currently. If you are a traveling musician and are looking for something specific to enhance the video (i.e. acoustic piano, timpani, or something crazy), we definitely will help in securing something!

Do you provide monitors? In-ear capabilities?

We can provide 1-2 monitors and can run in-ear mixes. We do not prefer to have any “over-the-ear” headphones as that takes away from the intimacy of the cinematic feel. Some exceptions…just let us know beforehand.

DO YOU upload to Music streaming sites?

Yes, only Spotify currently, BUT only if the band, label, and publisher agree to it. There is a separate agreement for music streaming platforms where we agree to splitting the profits 50/50. This is NOT mandatory when recording a session video. If you are interested but did not see that option, please let us know. The tracks are titled “Song - Live at Cinderblock Sessions.”