"The Way Up": September

Summer is coming to an end! Farewell heat, hello new music. A new month means new songs! Our team is always on the hunt for new releases and finding new songs to highlight. As always, you can find every song that we highlight added on our “The Way Up” Spotify Playlist. Check out our picks below:  

Way Up_Anna Wise.jpg

Nerve - Anna Wise

Grammy award-winning artist Anna Wise, best known for her collaborations with Kendrick Lamar, has a great new alt-r&b single out. With production help from Jon Bap and Nick Hakim—both fantastic artists in their own right—Anna writes an upbeat song, propelled by a continuous driving drum beat, about "spring cleaning your relationships and not being afraid of letting go." Her highly anticipated new album, As if it Were Forever, releases on October 18th and has some big name features, including Denzel Curry and Little Simz.


Way Up_kwassa.jpg

nyc (demo) - kwassa

Kwassa is a relatively new find for us in general so “nyc (demo)” gave us a further look into his sound. Although this song has sweet stripped down vibes, the other song, “Good Life.” which came out on the same EP, is a bigger look at his electronic dance-y side.


Way Up_Lewis Watson.jpg

Fly When I Fall - Lewis Watson

Lewis Watson is finally releasing music after his last album, Midnight, which came out in 2017. He has gained so many new fans (including myself) in that time and this song just continues in form. There’s a lot of orchestration inside this singer-songwriter so if you’re a sucker for a good string section… give it a listen.


Way Up_Teskey Brothers.jpg

Let Me Let You Down - The Teskey Brothers

If you are looking for a good beat and timeless vocals look no further than The Teskey Brothers. Contrary to the title, this song will NOT let you down.


Way Up_Hiss Golden Messenger.jpg

Happy Birthday Baby - Hiss Golden Messenger

The opening line of this song just sets the tone. This song was released as a birthday song for frontman M.C. Taylor’s daughter’s 5th birthday. Be ready to get in your feels.


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