Introducing: "The Way Up"

It’s finally May and we are excited to announce our newest blog series called The Way Up. Starting today and on the first week of every month moving forward, our team will be highlighting 4-5 songs or albums that have released within the previous month. You can find every song that we highlight added on our “The Way Up” Spotify Playlist. Check out this month’s picks below:  

The Songs:



Dean has been quick to gain traction due to his hit single “Be Alright” which went global instantly. ‘7 Minutes’ continues to show off his amazing songwriting skills and proves that his sound can go beyond a stripped down piano like setting. Although this single came out a few months ago, the full length album (“Stay Awake”) was just released.


DIDN’T WANNA DO RIGHT by Walker Lukens

Walker is a mastermind. He’s been stretching the music genre boundaries since day one and his new album, ADULT, just continues to prove he is one of a kind. Didn’t Wanna Do Right” along with the rest of his album has some social and political undertones that might make you think a little deeper at what the world is like now that we can understand it. [Walker’s 2018 Block Party Performance]


BLAME by Joy Oladokun

Joy is one of our favorite finds this last month. After hearing an acoustic version of her song, “Sober,” we couldn’t stop listening to every song that we could find online. “Blame,” her newest single to release, has the production and catchiness to be listened to in the masses. Don’t miss out on this success before one of these singles hits mainstream radio. Next personal favorite is “Sober,” full production.


PLAN ON YOU by Adam Melchor

We love the melody and dreamy atmosphere of this sweet song. He has a vocal timbre that reminds us of Dallas Green (City and Colour) in his upper register, and his voice has wonderful clarity. We’re looking forward to hearing more from him.


BLUE MAGNOLIA by Electrophunck ft. David Ramirez

If you attended our 2018 Cinderblock Party during SXSW, you got to see the musical masterminds that are David Ramirez and Electrophunck (Producer/Medicine Man Revival). We heard this song and immediately knew it had to be on our list. The production blends Electrophunck’s bold style with the emotion David brings to the table every time. Definitely has us feeling all sorts of feels. We’re excited to hear more from Electrophunck in the near future. [Medicine Man Revival’s 2018 Block Party Performance] [David Ramirez’ 2018 Block Party Performance]

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