"The Way Up": June

We are almost halfway through the year as June has quickly approached us. A new month means an updated playlist! Our team spent the last month listening to all the new releases finding new songs to highlight. As always, you can find every song that we highlight added on our “The Way Up” Spotify Playlist. Check out our picks below:  



If you haven’t heard of Juke Ross yet, stay tuned because you will soon. His single “Colour Me” currently has over 23 million streams on Spotify with multiple other singles leading to that number as well. “Burned By The Love” showcases not only his soft yet powerful vocals, but also his eloquent way with songwriting. “Burned By The Love” is Ross’ first single under RCA. If this is any indication of what lies ahead, we can’t wait to see what Ross releases next.


VACATION - Johnny Stimson

Stimson has released yet another slow jam for our summer soundtrack. With his R&B and pop blended tone, this track shines through a crowded genre with a catchy chorus and a grunge guitar lick towards the end.


DRIED BLOOD - Corey Harper

Harper is brand new to us (thanks to Spotify playlists). Although one of his other tunes initially caught our attention, we fortunately went through his discography where we saw that he has just released a new track. A mostly acoustic sounding track, it leads you from a small guitar to a full band sound and back again. A great coffee shop is awaiting this track.


HERE’S TO YOU - Mr. Carter Davis

Mr. Carter Davis has released a single track per year for 3 years so far, making his listeners eagerly await new music and although some of his fans have heard ‘Here’s To You’ played live for years; this is a completely new and fun spin on the song. He’s added a ton of electronic elements and an eclectic production but with the same great writing and catchy lyrics. P.S. Watch his performance of ‘Here’s To You’ from 3 years ago during his Cinderblock Session.



After a 6-year hiatus, Air Review has FINALLY released something new, and we have to say it was worth the wait. A departure from their folk-driven sophomore release Low Wishes, which was itself quite the departure from the rock-centric eponymous first release. Somehow though, each record sounds like only Air Review could. The esoteric electronicity laced beneath each of their previous works takes center stage here, surfacing brilliantly and more than holding it's own. Don't sleep on these dudes; a full-length will surely show up soon.

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