"The Way Up": August

It’s officially back to school season. A new month means new songs! Our team is always on the hunt for new releases and finding new songs to highlight. As always, you can find every song that we highlight added on our “The Way Up” Spotify Playlist. Check out our picks below:  


HONEST - The Band Camino

Nashville alt-rock quartet, The Band Camino has been a team favorite for a couple of years now. Their newest single “Honest” is a catchy tune that will get anyone moving. With relatable lyrics about a relationship that borders being the real thing or just something casual. Check out their new EP tryhard, dropping Aug. 23.



2009 - Rayland Baxter

Rayland dropped this album full of only Mac Miller covers as a tribute to the late rapper’s career. If you’re a fan of Mac; you’ll get a new indie look at his songs. If you’re not well versed in some of his bigger hits, this is a great gateway into posthumously appreciating his music for the first time.



ALIENS - Duncan Fellows

Duncan Fellows continues to be a favorite in our office after their amazing set during our SXSW Block Party. We actually recorded Aliens live while they played it during their set... so we’ve been listening to this catchy song for a few months. Stay tuned for a video live from our 2019 CinderBLOCK PARTY.



Stay high - Brittany Howard

Brittany Howard has one of our favorite voices in music today, and if this single is any indication of her solo album to come, we're in for something special. Make sure to check out the music video for this one – it's especially wholesome.



Too much to ask - Moonchild

We've been patiently waiting for Moonchild to blow up. They are a trio of fantastic musicians with a singer that has one of the most relaxed, soothing voices we've ever heard. Moonchild are gearing up for an extensive North American tour, which includes a stop in Dallas at Trees on October 26th. We can't wait to hear this silky smooth single live!



Name in lights - beeeF

If you are looking for a feel good song, look no further than “Name In Lights” by Beeef. It’s the perfect tempo to make you nod your head and want to kickstart your day. Make sure to let the track roll into the next song, “Charlton Plaza” for a dope instrumental track that’s perfectly built for a Sunday afternoon.



STAY - Abraham Alexander

We are always looking to support local artists and friends. If you’re looking to slow it down a bit and be whisked away by smooth lyrics and an enchanting melody, “Stay” by Abraham Alexander is the perfect song for you. Be prepared to feel things you didn’t know you could feel. Be sure to check out his Cinderblock Session with us here.



Champagne Shine - Madison Baker

Austin-based newcomer Madison Baker has left us wanting more with her debut single “Champagne Shine”. Whether day or night, this is the perfect song to cruise to. Her one of a kind voice and harmonies perfectly flow with the rhythm of the music. We can’t wait to see what else the future has in store for her.



Electric woman - wilder woods

Didn’t find your summer love? Wilder Woods will make you feel like you did… there’s still hope. He sings of the exciting feeling of a young love that sends electricity through your body. Catch his debut album dropping on August 9th and if you’re left wanting more, find him in Dallas on October 10th at Trees.


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