'Cry' by Mitchell Ferguson

When we aren’t shooting sessions and live recordings, we take on some beautiful storytelling with friends we’ve met along the road. ‘Cry’ by Mitchell Ferguson was a song that the whole team couldn’t get out of their heads so it was only natural for us to shoot the official music video for it.

Before Mitchell’s solo music career, he was a theatrical actor touring the country doing Shakespeare, but slowly realized that his original music was the part of his life that he connected with the most. Now paving a new course with his band, he has blended the storytelling aspects of his past into his original lyrics and visuals.

“I wrote ‘Cry’ inadvertently as a piece of motivation for myself to make an active step to pull myself out of a pretty severe bought of depression I was in, while trying to find the value in and meaning of my pain” said Mitchell. “The heart beat of the song for me is the last line, which sums up the value of that mysterious sadness for me: “Songs will never come to a man who won’t cry”.

All in all, it was a no brainer for us to produce this official music video for ‘Cry.’