Sidney Gish // Rewind


Sidney Gish played a mesmerizing solo set at Club Dada on August 13th. She kicked off the night with “Mouth Log“, which instantly stole the room’s attention and had people outside fleeing in from the strum of the first guitar note. As the music picked up, the crowd started loudly cheering Sidney on. Before transitioning into “I’m Filled With Steak, and Cannot Dance”, she took a moment to shout out her openers, Why Bonnie and Crisman. The crowd nodded and moved along as the music picked up. One thing was clear, Sidney had the crowds undivided attention. “Imposter Syndrome” and “Good Magicians” were clearly crowd favorites as they had the crowd singing along and dancing. Looking through the room, many people were recording on their phones as the vibes got really groovy. The crowd quickly muted they’re talking to get taken away by the music.

About halfway through her set, Sidney made a joke about the last time she was in Dallas and how she said she was in Houston. She apologized for messing up the city last year which gave the crowd a chuckle, then performed “Homecoming Surf” which the crowd was very excited about. What the room did not expect to happen next was hearing a cover of the "Sandy’s Texas Song" from Sandy of SpongeBob SquarePants which is about going home to Texas. She immediately followed with “Time of the Season” originally by The Zombies.

As Sidney began to perform Sin triangle, strangers began talking to one another, about their mutual love for the song, which is what music is all about. Sidney’s music was bringing people together and for a moment, made people feel good. Before beginning “Persephone”, Sidney took a sip of water and reminded the audience that they need to “hydrate or die-drate”. As she tuned her guitar, Sidney’s eye caught a piece of art in the venue she thought looked like a Björk album and as the crowd chanted for a cover, Sidney mentioned that she was a “fake fan” because she only actually knew a couple of songs, which sent laughter throughout the crowd.

Late weeknight shows mean a crowd that exits at the final note of the “last song”, but Sidney wasn’t done quite yet. The crowd cleared out which made the encore super intimate and very special as Sidney performed her final song. Overall, it was a late night, but Sidney definitely made it worth it.

⏪ Rewind

Words by Shabby Talebi. Photos by Conner Key