Tyler Ramsey and Carl Broemel // Rewind


Tyler Ramsey (Band of Horses) and Carl Broemel (My Morning Jacket) gave us an experience that will likely not be repeated ever again. The two artists played as a duo in a stripped down, intimate set on July 22 at Kessler Theater. Instead of the traditional set on stage, Tyler and Carl had their setup on the floor, level with the seated audience with rugs and dimmed lighting, allowing the room to feel like a studio session versus a regular show. Carl joked that they had long been wanting to tour together and decided to make it a collaborative effort somewhat like the shows at the Grand Ole Opry. The evening was not only filled with entrancing harmonies, but also with comedic banter between each other and the audience. Before the music had even started, several of our team members who were in attendance, were called out for sitting on the outskirts of their cozy setup, which immediately caused laughter and a sense of bonding for the room.

Carl opened up the night with his song  “Dark Matter” with Tyler singing harmonies, followed by Tyler performing his own “The Valley Wind” with Carl trading for the harmonies. This was how it went most of the night. Before playing “Cheap Summer Dress”, Tyler let us know he ripped off some of Carl’s more iconic pedal steel guitar sounds for the recorded version and how it was a pleasure having Carl be able to play on them live. One notable part of the evening was the lack of a live drum kit. Carl joked that although him and Tyler both have drum kits in their near future (in their other large projects), they don’t miss the ear ringing a loud drum set can cause. The evening was full of laughter and story-telling. In between songs, the audience made sure to interact with the guys by offering drinks or answering questions. One audience member even asked about their shampoo habits to which Carl responded, “That’s personal man… that’s the weirdest question I’ve ever gotten on tour”.

The night resumed with “Breaking A Heart” before our team was once again jokingly called out for switching seats in between songs (for a better viewing experience) but this time the audience chimed in on the joke. Following Carl’s intense guitar solo in “Wished Out”, he took a moment to compliment his touring partner on several points and then exited the floor to allow Tyler to play solo. As if the night couldn’t get more intimate, Tyler unplugged, stepped away from the spotlight, got closer to the audience, and played instrumental song, “Walking Away” off of his first album followed by a crowd favorite, “White Coat” from his newly released album, For The Morning, which was his first solo record release in 8 years. When Carl returned for his solo set he took a second to thank the Kessler for the non-traditional setup before taking full advantage of his loop pedal by producing a layered song of distorted melodies on top of each other leaving the audience in awe. The duo reunited to do an M. Ward cover, followed by “4th of July”, before ending the night with a Cyndi Lauper cover of “All Through The Night”. Overall Tyler and Carl gave a very special performance to this Dallas audience that will talk about for a long time to come.

⏪ Rewind

Words by Shabby Talebi. Photos by Brandon Henry + Conner Key