Summer Salt / Dante Elephante / Motel Radio // Rewind


Hailing from New Orleans, Motel Radio kicked off their Saturday night, July 13, at Trees with with beachy, laid-back tunes and rich harmonies, playing several tracks from their fantastic new album Siesta Del Sol. It was apparent the band was having a good time playing what is sure to be their newest hits. The quartet had the entire crowd dancing along with them. Towards the end of their set, front-man Ian Wellman and drummer Eric Lloyd swapped spots before the curtains closed.

Keeping the energy high, Los Angeles band Dante Elephante hit the stage and picked up the tempo with some groovy pop-rock numbers. Frontman Ruben Zarate spent the evening dancing on stage and even cracking a joke or two in-between songs. Nearing the end of their set, Dante Elephante had the crowd counting down their last three songs in a call and response. They concluded their set with frontman Ruben Zarate jumping down into the crowd and moving through the sea of people while singing "Call Me (on the phone)" among the energetic audience. Check out the photos of it below.

When the curtains opened for headliner Summer Salt, the crowd was transported to an ocean-side party via breezy jams and an appropriately themed DIY backdrop adorned with paper fish and palm trees. The engaged audience of devoted fans, friends, and hometown family swayed all night to Summer Salt's melodic songs, as bassist Elliot Edmonds snuck in some slick bass lines, and frontman Matthew Terry displayed his vocal versatility, effortlessly floating in and out of his upper register and tossing in some nice twangy guitar solos. It was a charming little escape from the oppressive Texas summer, and a great way to kick off an extensive North American tour. Make sure to check out their new EP “Honeyweed and stay tuned for our session with Motel Radio.

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Words by Brandon Henry. Photos by Brandon Henry + Jake Ryan Hull