Mitchell Ferguson // Rewind


Mitchell Ferguson, played to a sold out Cains Ballroom, in Tulsa Oklahoma, alongside Casey Donahew on Saturday, June 22. Mitchell is known for electrifying a crowd by taking them from 0 to 100. Within one song Mitchell has people rocking out which must be why he’s been sharing stages with many large country and rock acts across the nation.

Although Mitchell plays with a small trio, they took command of the entire ballroom with an enormous sound. They played their recent hits off their newest EP, Making Sound, including Groove and Oh My God but what really got the audiences attention was an unreleased song entitled “Saying My Name” about Mitchell’s previous significant other marrying a man fittingly also named Mitchell. The crowd was singing along before it was halfway over.

By the time the set had ended, there were many people in the audience who, obviously hadn’t heard of him, seen looking his music up on their phones and saving it. Opening acts rarely leave the impression that this band did and it clearly showed at the merchandise table as the line didn’t disperse until the venue officially closed. Needless to say, they sold out.

⏪ Rewind.

Photos by Conner Key + Jake Ryan Hull