Bailen // Rewind


We pride ourselves on knowing up and coming artists from around the country, but BAILEN took us by surprise this time. We had not planned on covering this show until about 1 song into their set. That’s how long it took to know that this was going to be an amazing show at Threelinks in Dallas on June 26. Hailey Knox started the night, opening the acoustics, but the real theme to follow were those undeniable harmonies by the New York based, Bailen siblings.

BAILEN plays as a trio. Twins, Daniel on bass and David on drums, with their sister Julia on guitar, and all of them on vocals. They played every song off their recently released debut album, “Thrilled To Be Here” during their set. From the mesmerizing melodies on “Rose Leaves” to the powerhouse guitar and vocals on “Not Gonna Take Me,” the packed venue sang along like they were classics. We don’t usually see committed fans like these with newer bands touring through Dallas for the first time. This band has a spark about them that makes you feel like you’ve known them forever. I’m sure it helps that their on-stage banter and demeanor might remind you of your family.

They ended the show by asking the venue to dim the lights and turn off the fans (it was an extremely hot summer day in Texas) so that it would be completely silent as they unplugged their instruments and moved to the front of the stage to sing their unreleased song, “25 for the Last Time,” in a cappella. The sweaty crowd moved in as close as they could and shared an intimate moment that none of them would forget.

It wasn’t till after the show that we realized this band had just been on an 18 city tour run with Hozier across the U.S making them go down as one of those, “seeing BAILEN live before streaming their music was the best thing to happen to us," bands. We look forward to seeing what the future has in-store for BAILEN, don’t miss out on this band.


Photos by Conner Key